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9YW (alpha-D-glucopyranosyloxy)acetic acid
GOL Glycerol
SER Serine
Code : 5ONZ   PDBj   RCSB PDB   PDBe
Title : Crystal structure of Mycolicibacterium hassiacum glucosylglycerate hydrolase (MhGgH) D182A variant in complex with glucosylglycolate
Release Data : 2018-08-29
Compound :
mol_id molecule chains
1 Hydrolase A,B
mutation: D182A
Source :
mol_id organism_scientific expression_system
1 Mycobacterium hassiacum (strain DSM 44199 / CIP 105218 / JCM 12690 / 3849)  (taxid:1122247) Escherichia coli  (taxid:562)
gene: C731_0006
Authors : Cereija, T.B., Macedo-Ribeiro, S., Pereira, P.J.B.
Keywords : Mycobacterium, HYDROLASE
Exp. method : X-RAY DIFFRACTION ( 1.930 Å )
Citation :

The structural characterization of a glucosylglycerate hydrolase provides insights into the molecular mechanism of mycobacterial recovery from nitrogen starvation.

Cereija, T.B.,Alarico, S.,Lourenco, E.C.  et al.
(2019)  Iucrj  6 : 572 - 585

PubMed: 31316802
DOI: 10.1107/S2052252519005372

Chain : A, B
UniProt : K5BDL0 (GGH_MYCHD)
Reaction: EC: Evidence:
Physiological Direction:
(2R)-2-O-(alpha-D-glucopyranosyl)-glycerate + H2O = (R)- glycerate + D-glucose PubMed:25341489, PubMed:31316802