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CL Chloride ion
CRS M-cresol
ZN Zinc ion
Code : 4E7V   PDBj   RCSB PDB   PDBe
Header : HORMONE
Title : The structure of R6 bovine insulin
Release Data : 2012-04-04
Compound :
mol_id molecule chains
1 Insulin A chain A,C,E,G,I,K,M,O,Q,S,U,W,Y,1,3,5
mol_id molecule chains
2 Insulin B chain B,D,F,H,J,L,N,P,R,T,V,X,Z,2,4,6
Source :
mol_id organism_scientific organism_common
1 Bos taurus  (taxid:9913) Bovine,cow,domestic cattle,domestic cow
mol_id organism_scientific organism_common
2 Bos taurus  (taxid:9913) Bovine,cow,domestic cattle,domestic cow
Authors : Harris, P., Frankaer, C.G., Knudsen, M.V.
Keywords : Zinc binding, HORMONE
Exp. method : X-RAY DIFFRACTION ( 1.800 Å )
Citation :

The structures of T(6), T(3)R(3) and R(6) bovine insulin: combining X-ray diffraction and absorption spectroscopy.

Frankar, C.G.,Knudsen, M.V.,Noren, K.  et al.
(2012)  Acta Crystallogr.,Sect.D  68 : 1259 - 1271

PubMed: 22993080
DOI: 10.1107/S090744491202625X

Chain : B, D, F, H, J, L, N, P, R, T, V, X, Z, 2, 4, 6
UniProt : P01317 (INS_BOVIN)
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