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Modified Residues
Code Name Link
A2M 2'-O-methyladenosine 5'-(dihydrogen phosphate)
AF2 2'-deoxy-2'-fluoroadenosine 5'-(dihydrogen phosphate)
CFZ 2'-deoxy-2'-fluorocytidine 5'-(dihydrogen phosphate)
GF2 2'-deoxy-2'-fluoroguanosine 5'-(dihydrogen phosphate)
OMC O2'-methylycytidine-5'-monophosphate
OMG O2'-methylguanosine-5'-monophosphate
OMU O2'-methyluridine 5'-monophosphate
UFT 2'-deoxy-2'-fluorouridine 5'-(dihydrogen phosphate)
Code : 2KWG   PDBj   RCSB PDB   PDBe
Header : RNA
Title : Solution structure of a fully modified 2'-F/2'-OMe siRNA construct
Release Data : 2010-07-21
Compound :
mol_id molecule chains
1 5'-R(*(GF2)P*(OMG)P*(GF2)P*(OMU)P*(AF2)P*(A2M)P*(AF2)P*(OMU)P*(AF2)P*(OMC)P*(AF2)P*(OMU)P*(UFT)P*(OMC)P*(UFT)P*(OMU)P*(CFZ)P*(A2M)P*(UFT)P*(OMU)P*(UFT))-3' A
mol_id molecule chains
2 5'-R(P*(A2M)P*(UFT)P*(OMG)P*(AF2)P*(A2M)P*(GF2)P*(A2M)P*(AF2)P*(OMU)P*(GF2)P*(OMU)P*(AF2)P*(OMU)P*(UFT)P*(OMU)P*(AF2)P*(OMC)P*(CFZ)P*(OMC)P*(UFT)P*(OMU))-3' B
Source :
mol_id organism_scientific
synthetic: yes
mol_id organism_scientific
synthetic: yes
Authors : Podbevsek, P., Bhat, B., Plavec, J.
Keywords : siRNA, 2'-fluoro, 2'-O-methyl, RNA
Exp. method : SOLUTION NMR
Citation :

Solution-state structure of a fully alternately 2'-F/2'-OMe modified 42-nt dimeric siRNA construct.

Podbevsek, P.,Allerson, C.R.,Bhat, B.  et al.
(2010)  Nucleic Acids Res.  38 : 7298 - 7307

PubMed: 20624819
DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkq621