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8MV (5-formylfuran-2-yl)methyl acetate
CMO Carbon monoxide
FUX 5-hydroxymethyl-furfural
HEM Protoporphyrin ix containing Fe
Code : 5URC
Title : Design, Synthesis, Functional and Biological Evaluation of Ether and Ester Derivatives of the Antisickling Agent 5-HMF for the Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease
Release Data : 2017-03-15
Compound :
mol_id molecule chains synonym
1 Hemoglobin subunit alpha A,C Alpha-globin,Hemoglobin alpha chain
mol_id molecule chains synonym
2 Hemoglobin subunit beta B,D Beta-globin,Hemoglobin beta chain
Source :
mol_id organism_scientific organism_common
1 Homo sapiens  (taxid:9606) Human
mol_id organism_scientific organism_common
2 Homo sapiens  (taxid:9606) Human
Authors : Pagare, P.P., Safo, R.S., Gazi, A.
Keywords : hemoglobin, antisickling, allosteric effector, aromatic aldehyde, OXYGEN TRANSPORT
Exp. method : X-RAY DIFFRACTION ( 1.85 Å )
Citation :

Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Ester and Ether Derivatives of Antisickling Agent 5-HMF for the Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease.

Xu, G.G.,Pagare, P.P.,Ghatge, M.S.  et al.
(2017)  Mol. Pharm.  14 : 3499 - 3511

PubMed: 28858508
DOI: 10.1021/acs.molpharmaceut.7b00553

Chain : A, C
UniProt : P69905 (HBA_HUMAN)
Reaction : -
Chain : B, D
UniProt : P68871 (HBB_HUMAN)
Reaction : -