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Code Name Link
0C L-cytidine-5'-monophosphate
0G L-guanosine-5'-monophosphate
0U L-uridine-5'-monophosphate
CA Calcium ion
GOL Glycerol
Code : 2GQ6
Header : rna
Title : crystal structure of an RNA racemate
Release Data : 2006-06-27
Compound :
mol_id 1
molecule rna (5'-r(*(0c)p*(0u)p*(0g)p*(0g)p*(0g)p*(0c)p*(0g)p*(0g))- 3')
chain K, M
engineered yes
mol_id 2
molecule rna (5'-r(*(0c)p*(0c)p*(0g)p*(0c)p*(0c)p*(0u)p*(0g)p*(0g))- 3')
chain L, N
engineered yes
Source :
mol_id 1
synthetic yes
other_details this sequence is a 'spiegelmer' and occurs in 5s rnafrom thermus flavus
mol_id 2
synthetic yes
other_details this is a 'spiegelmer' of a sequence from 5s rna fromthermus flavus
Authors : W.Rypniewski, M.Vallazza, M.Perbandt, S.Klussmann, C.Betzel, V.A.Erdmann
Keywords : double helix, racemate, rna
Exp. method : X-ray diffraction ( 1.3 Å )