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MO Molybdenum atom
GOL Glycerol
MTE Phosphonic acidmono-(2-amino-5,6-dimercapto-4-oxo-3,7, 8a,9,10,10a-hexahydro-4h-8-oxa-1,3,9,10-tetraaza- anthracen-7-ylmethyl)ester
SO4 Sulfate ion
Code : 2A9C
Header : oxidoreductase
Title : crystal structure of r138q mutant of recombinant chicken sulfite oxidase with the bound product, sulfate, at the active site
Release Data : 2005-08-02
Compound :
mol_id 1
molecule sulfite oxidase
chain A, B
fragment catalytic core domain and c terminal dimerization domain
engineered yes
mutation yes
Source :
mol_id 1
organism_scientific Gallus gallus
organism_common Chicken
organism_taxid 9031
organ liver
organelle mitochondrion
cellular_location mitochondrial intermembrane space
gene suox
expression_system Escherichia coli
expression_system_taxid 562
expression_system_strain tp1000
expression_system_vector_type plasmid
expression_system_plasmid ptrc99a
other_details the gene is chemically synthesized based on theprotein sequence of sulfite oxidase from gallus gallus
Authors : E.Karakas, H.L.Wilson, T.N.Graf, S.Xiang, S.Jaramillo-Busquets, K.V.Rajagopalan, C.Kisker
Keywords : sulfite oxidase; molybdopterin; molybdenum; cso; sulfate; r138q; r160q, oxidoreductase
Exp. method : X-ray diffraction ( 2.5 Å )
Chain : A, B
UniProt : P07850 (SUOX_CHICK)
Reaction : Sulfite + O(2) + H(2)O = sulfate + H(2)O(2).