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Hetero-Atom Name Platinum (II) ion
Synonym -
Code PT
Formula PT 2+
Similar Hetero-Atom 3 Hetero-Atoms
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Code 1AY2
Titlestructure of the fiber-forming protein pilin at 2.6 angstroms resolution
SouceNeisseria gonorrhoeae
Code 1BIX
Titlethe crystal structure of the human DNA repair endonuclease hap1 suggests the recognition of extra-helical deoxyribose at DNA abasic sites
SouceHomo sapiens (Human)
Code 1EU8
Titlestructure of trehalose maltose binding protein from thermococcus litoralis
SouceThermococcus litoralis
Code 1GWB
Titlestructure of glycoprotein 1b
SouceHomo sapiens (Human)
Code 1IHH
Title2.4 angstrom crystal structure of an oxaliplatin 1,2-D(gpg) intrastrand cross-link in a DNA dodecamer duplex
Code 1JJF
Titlestructural basis for the substrate specificity of the feruloyl esterase domain of the cellulosomal xylanase z of clostridium thermocellum
SouceClostridium thermocellum
Code 1L4U
Titlecrystal structure of shikimate kinase from mycobacterium tuberculosis in complex with mgadp and pt(II) at 1.8 angstrom resolution
SouceMycobacterium tuberculosis
Code 1LZW
Titlestructural basis of clps-mediated switch in clpa substrate recognition
SouceEscherichia coli
Code 1MOX
Titlecrystal structure of human epidermal growth factor receptor (residues 1-501) in complex with tgf-alpha
SouceHomo sapiens (Human)
Code 1NNW
Titlehypothetical protein from pyrococcus furiosus pfu-1218608
SoucePyrococcus furiosus