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Hetero-Atom Name Iridium (III) ion
Synonym -
Code IR3
Formula IR 3
Similar Hetero-Atom 2 Hetero-Atoms
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Code 1K26
TitleStructure of a Nudix Protein from Pyrobaculum aerophilum Solved by the Single Wavelength Anomolous Scattering Method
SoucePyrobaculum aerophilum
Code 2B0U
TitleThe Structure of the Follistatin:Activin Complex
SouceHomo sapiens (human)
Code 3PK2
TitleArtificial Transfer Hydrogenases for the Enantioselective Reduction of Cyclic Imines
SouceStreptomyces avidinii
Code 3ZFR
TitleCrystal structure of product-like, processed N-terminal protease Npro with iridium
Code 4AKM
TitleCrystal structure of the human lysosome-associated membrane protein LAMP-3 (aka DC-LAMP)
Code 4F3A
TitleStructure of RPE65: P6522 crystal form, iridium derivative
SouceBos taurus (bovine)
Code 4FRG
TitleCrystal structure of the cobalamin riboswitch aptamer domain
Code 5E1U
TitleCrystal structure of IrCp*-apo-Fr
SouceEquus caballus (Horse)
Code 5E2D
TitleCrystal structure of IrCp*/Pd(allyl)-apo-Fr
SouceEquus caballus (Horse)
Code 6GMI
TitleGenetic Engineering of an Artificial Metalloenzyme for Transfer Hydrogenation of a Self-Immolative Substrate in E. coli'S Periplasm.
SouceStreptomyces avidinii