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Hetero-Atom Name Guanosine-5'-thio-monophosphate
Synonym -
Code GS
Formula C10 H14 N5 O6 P S
Similar Hetero-Atom 175 Hetero-Atoms
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Code 5J3F
TitleNMR solution structure of [rp, rp]-pt dsdna
SouceStreptomyces lividans
Code 5J3I
TitleNMR solution structure of [sp, sp]-pt dsdna
SouceStreptomyces lividans
Code 8PSH
Titlehigh resolution NMR structure of the stereoregular (all-rp)- phosphorothioate-DNA/RNA hybrid D (G*ps*C*ps*G*ps*T*ps*C*ps*a*ps*G*ps*G)R(ccugacgc), minimized average structure