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Hetero-Atom Name (4r)-4-fluoro-L-proline
Synonym -
Code FP9
Formula C5 H8 F N O2
Similar Hetero-Atom 33 Hetero-Atoms
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Code 3IPN
TitleCrystal Structure of fluorine and methyl modified collagen: (mepFlpgly)7
Code 4DLE
TitleTernary Structure of the large Fragment of Taq DNA Polymerase: 4-Fluoroproline Variant
SouceSynthetic, Thermus aquaticus
Code 4HUA
TitleE. coli thioredoxin variant with (4R)-FluoroPro76 as single proline residue
SouceEscherichia coli
Code 5UOZ
TitleInsulin with proline analog FyP at position B28 in the T2 state
SouceHomo sapiens (Human)