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Hetero-Atom Name Fe(III) 2,4-dimethyl deuteroporphyrin ix
Synonym -
Code FDD
Formula C32 H32 FE N4 O4 5
Similar Hetero-Atom 86 Hetero-Atoms
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Code 2AT8
Title0.96 A Crystal Structure Of Nitrophorin 4 From Rhodnius Prolixus Containing Fe(III) 2,4 Dimethyl Deuteroporphyrin IX Complexed With Nitric Oxide at pH 5.6
SouceRhodnius prolixus
Code 3C78
Title0.98 A crystal structure of nitrophorin 4 from Rhodnius prolixus containing FE(III) 2,4 dimethyl deuteroporphyrin ix complexed with ammonia at pH 7.5
SouceRhodnius prolixus