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Hetero-Atom Name (7r,12r,13r)-13-formyl-12,14-dihydroxy-3,5,7-trimethyltetradeca-2,4-dienoic acid
Synonym antibiotic 1233a, bound form
Code F24
Formula C18 H30 O5
Links DrugBank   DB07740  
PDB Ligand   PDBj   RCSB PDB   PDBe
Code 2F9A
TitleHMG-CoA synthase from Brassica juncea in complex with F-244
SouceBrassica juncea
Code 3V4X
TitleThe Biochemical and Structural Basis for Inhibition of Enterococcus faecalis HMG-CoA Synthase, mvaS, by Hymeglusin
SouceEnterococcus faecalis