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Hetero-Atom Name Fluoride ion
Synonym -
Code F
Formula F 1-
Links DrugBank   DB11257  
KEGG Compound   C00742  
PDB Ligand   PDBj   RCSB PDB   PDBe
Code 1BS3
TitleP.shermanii sod(Fe+3) fluoride
SoucePropionibacterium freudenreichii subsp.shermanii
Code 1E6A
Titlefluoride-inhibited substrate complex of saccharomyces cerevisiae inorganic pyrophosphatase
SouceSaccharomyces cerevisiae
Code 1LH5
TitleX-ray structural investigation of leghemoglobin. VI. structure of acetate-ferrileghemoglobin at a resolution of 2.0 angstroms (russian)
SouceLupinus luteus (Yellow lupine)
Code 1NEL
Titlefluoride inhibition of yeast enolase: crystal structure of the enolase-mg2+-f--pi complex at 2.6-angstroms resolution
SouceSaccharomyces cerevisiae (Baker's yeast)
Code 1T5G
Titlearginase-f2-L-arginine complex
SouceRattus norvegicus (Norway rat)
Code 2AKZ
Titlefluoride inhibition of enolase: crystal structure of the inhibitory complex
SouceHomo sapiens (Human)
Code 2AU6
Titlecrystal structure of catalytic intermediate of inorganic pyrophosphatase
SouceEscherichia coli
Code 2AU9
Titleinorganic pyrophosphatase complexed with substrate
SouceEscherichia coli
Code 2AUU
Titleinorganic pyrophosphatase complexed with magnesium pyrophosphate and fluoride
SouceEscherichia coli
Code 2DQZ
Titlecrystal structure of human carboxylesterase in complex with homatropine, coenzyme a, and palmitate
SouceHomo sapiens (Human)