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Hetero-Atom Name [(2~{S},5~{R},8~{S},11~{S})-1-[(2~{R},3~{R},5~{R},6~{S})-3,5-dimethyl-6-oxidanyl-4-oxidanylidene-oxan-2-yl]-5,11-dimethyl-8-oxidanyl-13-[[(2~{S})-2-oxidanylpropanoyl]amino]tridecan-2-yl] ethanoate
Synonym lc-ka05
Code CWH
Formula C27 H49 N O8
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Code 6F7L
TitleCrystal structure of LkcE R326Q mutant in complex with its substrate
SouceStreptomyces rochei (Streptomyces parvullus)
Code 6F7V
TitleCrystal structure of LkcE E64Q mutant in complex with LC-KA05
SouceStreptomyces rochei subsp. volubilis