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Hetero-Atom Name (3s)-3,7-diaminoheptan-2-one
Synonym -
Code CKC
Formula C7 H16 N2 O
Similar Hetero-Atom 44 Hetero-Atoms
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Code 4RBM
TitlePorphyromonas gingivalis gingipain K (Kgp) catalytic and immunoglobulin superfamily-like domains
SoucePorphyromonas gingivalis
Code 4YEC
TitleCrystal structure of a clostripain (PARMER_00083) from Parabacteroides merdae ATCC 43184 in complex with peptide inhibitor Ac-VLTK-AOMK
SouceParabacteroides merdae ATCC 43184, Synthetic
Code 5L20
TitleCrystal Structure of a Clostripain (BT_0727) from Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron ATCC 29148 in Complex with Peptide Inhibitor BTN-VLTK-AOMK
SouceBacteroides thetaiotaomicron (strain ATCC 29148 / DSM 2079 / NCTC 10582 / E50 / VPI-5482), Synthetic