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Hetero-Atom Name Cadmium ion
Synonym -
Code CD
Formula CD 2+
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Code 1A4K
Titlediels alder catalytic antibody with transition state analogue
SouceMus musculus (House mouse)
Code 1A5Z
Titlelactate dehydrogenase from thermotoga maritima (tmldh)
SouceThermotoga maritima
Code 1AAZ
Titlethe structure of oxidized bacteriophage t4 glutaredoxin (thioredoxin)
SouceEnterobacteria phage t4
Code 1AEW
TitleL-chain horse apoferritin
SouceEquus caballus (Horse)
Code 1AIZ
Titlestructure of apo-azurin from alcaligenes denitrificans at 1.8 angstroms resolution
SouceAchromobacter denitrificans
Code 1AQB
Titleretinol-binding protein (rbp) from pig plasma
SouceSus scrofa domestica (Domestic pig)
Code 1AUQ
Titlea1 domain of von willebrand factor
SouceHomo sapiens (Human)
Code 1AW6
Titlegal4 (Cd), NMR, 24 structures
SouceSaccharomyces cerevisiae (Baker's yeast)
Code 1AW9
Titlestructure of glutathione S-transferase III in apo form
SouceZea mays
Code 1AXS
Titlemature oxy-cope catalytic antibody with hapten
SouceHomo sapiens (Human)