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Hetero-Atom Name Guanosine 5'-(tetrahydrogen triphosphate) 3'-(trihydrogen diphosphate)
Synonym -
Code 0O2
Formula C10 H18 N5 O20 P5
Similar Hetero-Atom 21 Hetero-Atoms
Links KEGG Compound   C04494  
PDB Ligand   PDBj   RCSB PDB
Code 4EDV
TitleThe structure of the S. aureus DnaG RNA Polymerase Domain bound to pppGpp and Manganese
SouceStaphylococcus aureus
Code 4JK2
TitleX-ray crystal structure of Escherichia coli sigma70 holoenzyme in complex with guanosine pentaphosphate (pppGpp)
SouceEscherichia coli
Code 4QRH
TitleMolecular mechanism and evolution of guanylate kinase regulation by (P)ppGpp
SouceStaphylococcus aureus USA300-ISMMS1
Code 5DED
TitleCrystal structure of the small alarmone synthethase 1 from Bacillus subtilis bound to its product pppGpp
SouceBacillus subtilis PY79
Code 6GFM
TitleCrystal structure of the Escherichia coli nucleosidase PpnN (pppGpp-form)
SouceEscherichia coli
Code 6VCL
TitleCrystal structure of E.coli RppH-DapF in complex with pppGpp, Mg2+ and F-
SouceEscherichia coli (strain K12)