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Hetero-Atom Name (2s,3r)-3-amino-2-hydroxy-4-phenylbutanoic acid
Synonym -
Code 01B
Formula C10 H13 N O3
Similar Hetero-Atom 58 Hetero-Atoms
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Code 1N51
TitleAminopeptidase P in complex with the inhibitor apstatin
SouceEscherichia coli, Synthetic
Code 4S2T
TitleCrystal structure of X-prolyl aminopeptidase from Caenorhabditis elegans: a cytosolic enzyme with a di-nuclear active site
SouceCaenorhabditis elegans (roundworm), Synthetic
Code 5JR6
TitleThe Xray Crystal Structure of P. falciparum Aminopeptidase P in Complex With Apstatin
SoucePlasmodium falciparum (isolate 3D7), Synthetic
Code 5X49
TitleCrystal Structure of Human mitochondrial X-prolyl Aminopeptidase (XPNPEP3)
SouceHomo sapiens (Human)
Code 6A9U
TitleCrystal strcture of Icp55 from Saccharomyces cerevisiae bound to apstatin inhibitor
SouceSaccharomyces cerevisiae S288c (Baker's yeast), Synthetic